chaosradio (chaosradio) wrote,

BlackLungFever00: dude, have you ever seen my friend diego?
BlackLungFever00: paolos little cousin?
YaGO11: No
YaGO11: Oh yeah
BlackLungFever00: oh. cuz you look a lot like him.
YaGO11: Lol
YaGO11: I do not
BlackLungFever00: you seriously do.
YaGO11: Asshole
BlackLungFever00: youre pretty masculine for a chick, and hes pretty feminine for a guy. together youre both just like this big asexual blob of south of the border emo gunk.
YaGO11: Lmao
YaGO11: Truuuueeeee
Auto response from YaGO11: Fucking kimbo slice in the ass

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HAHAHahaha omg.
i was thinking that the other day...

I was like omg they look so alike! & i wanted to say something but like, i didnt know if she would be offended

Oh why hello jordan, darling.

Thanks for the ADDD!!

its kim add me!